Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kids: Amazing what they absorb!

The idea that children are always aware and learning and soaking up really came home to me today with my youngest.

We've been spending lots of time over at dh's new high school, talking about dh's new school and basically revolving our lives around their schedule. We have gone to as many home-games of the various teams as possible; we've been to the dedication and weekly school Masses; we've immersed ourselves in helping to build the culture of life within the new school that opened in August 2008.
Well, seems Bam-Bam (six years old in November) has picked up quite a bit of this and he spent much of today (with us roped right in) deciding the following for our homeschool, St. Athanasius Academy:

1. Mascot: knight eagles – a mascot LegoManiac will draw
2. School colors: black and gold
3. Motto: semper pugna pro iustum (“always fight for what is right” -- we translated it into latin using InterTran so it might not be EXACTLY right, but it looks right!)
4. Prayer for when we win: 3 Our Fathers & 3 Hail Marys
5. Fight song: I couldn't get all the words but I know it ends with “win for Jesus”
6. Administrative staff:
□ Headmaster: dad
□ Lead teacher: mom
□ Athletic Director: Bam-bam
(he’s the head, but he’s made me the “neck” – I can turn the head anyway I want!, and Dad is the heart; String Bean and Lego Maniac are the toes … well, actually the "toes in training" – wait, late breaking news: String Bean has been moved up to “stomach” of the Athletic Dept, while LegoManiac is still “toes in training”... then when Lego Maniac complained, he was promoted to the "shoulders", which is "really close to the head")
Coaching Staff:
□ Football – Mom
□ Soccer – LegoManiac
□ Cheerleading – String Bean
□ Baseball – String Bean
□ Swimming – Kotch
□ Tennis – Kotch
□ Lacrosse – BamBam, Dad - assistant
□ Hockey – BamBam, Dad – assistant
□ Gymnastics – Dad, LegoManiac - assistant
□ Golf – Mom
Bam-Bam is quite proud that he is the AD for the SAA Knight Eagles ... he even dressed up for a "press conference" and kept the attire on for dinner with our newly named chaplain, Fr. Z. (who is also the chaplain at dh's school, so that makes it easy!).
Bam-bam is taking his job a bit seriously: firing the "coaches" who don't do what he wants, creating contracts for them to sign (altho he's signing the contracts for them as many have mutinied), deciding who will play on which teams and when we'll play (don't tell him we only have a total of six people in the house -- he sees us fielding a "real" team). He even made a sign today that "the new teams will be introduced on Friday, Oct 31st at 10:00pm on FOX sports" (he was quite proud he didn't need help spelling FOX!).
I'm thinking this youngest is going to go pretty far in the world of management! As the Young Marines put it, he just "adapts, improvises, overcomes" EVERY obstacle to his imagination and plans.
[BTW, the scratch-looking mark below his lip is from playing "football" with his brother yesterday afternoon and almost biting all the way through to give himself a nice fat lip/bruise and generally look really bad!]
So, we'll probably have a new banner for this blog soon -- once LegoManiac designs the "Knight Eagle" and we get it scanned in!

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MaryM said...

I got quite a kick out of this. We miss Bab-Bam.