Monday, November 03, 2008

Where should we go today?

Well, if you're my kids with friends from Denver who have a relative on-staff at the White House .... you go to the White House for a one-and-a-half-hour personal tour on an overcast Sunday afternoon!

Here's a photo-essay of the lovely children who got to go where none of the rest of us have been ....
String Bean, Bam-Bam (who went and had coffee with Dad as he was too young to go in), LegoManiac, and our two friends from Denver
String Bean, Kotch (who took the other pictures) and LegoManiac
Ready to go already!
Maybe one of these days, one of mine will be in the White House ...

Was I a bit saddened not to be able to go? Well ... yes and no. I would have loved to go and see the Nation's leader's house, but sending the kiddoes off with dh allowed me almost six hours of getting lots of writing done!

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Lori said...

what a great opportunity!