Thursday, January 01, 2009

Christmas: on the seventh day of Christmas ...

... my true love gave to me a wonderful morning out running errands together after morning Mass. Our errands included going to our favorite grocery store for when we want to buy "amazingly expensive and varied food but it's the holidays" kind of shopping. We loaded up on all kinds of scrumptious goodies for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day marathon college football watching.

Dh and I opted for a walk rather than watching Anne of Green Gables - The Continuing Story with the kiddoes even though it was gusting so badly that signs were blowing down (and a horrible accidental death of an amazing pastor could be chalked up to the gusts). Since it was sunny, and I'm a bit more like my kids than I should be ... I didn't wear slacks or tights, but just a long skirt -- wow! when the winds blew! wow!

We also bought good stuff to feed our favorite priest who came by for an early dinner with his favorite home-educating family before celebrating Vigil Mass in the evening.

We then worked some more on the house/stable and got bits'n'pieces done so we could just relax in the evening. Dh didn't quite make it to midnight to wish me a Happy New Year ... but LegoManiac and I enjoyed ringing it in while watching Foyle's War, a wonderfully interesting British mystery series set during WW2 but dealing with the homefront! Very cool.

Hope y'all had a wonderful New Year's Eve day and night ... and that your dear spouse is as good to you as mine is to me!

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