Saturday, January 03, 2009

Christmas: on the tenth day of Christmas ...

.. my true love gave to me ...

... a morning with the girls -- we went ot mornign Mass and then a Children's Holy Hour with good friends from our home-school group. The morning hour of adoring the Lord, which SemperMom leading, was absolutely amazing. Seems they do this every week (who knew?), so we'll definitely bring the boys and Dad next week to enjoy this amazing experience.

Home for an afternoon of chores ... but an early dinner ... movie watching with Kit Kittredge (the library pulls thru again!) and finishing Martin Chuzzlewit ... wow, is Martin an amazing family movie!

And how many dads do you know that would sit and watch Kit Kittredge movie with their 8 year-old daughter -- and actually pay attention enough to discuss the truth vs fiction of the story?

And this is a great segue into why I'm doing these "12 days of Christmas" posts: my husband is an amazing man. He is so good to his family and often gives so much of himself to ensure that we're happy, both in mind and spirit (and belly). For instance, he didn't give me a laptop, an IPOD, a MacPhone or a diamond ring for Christmas ... instead he gave a much great gift -- the gift of himself and his time ... without any fanfare or moping or descrying what he missed.

He is the perfect example of what a husband/dad should be: total self-donation for the benefit of all his family ...

I honestly thank God every morning for the gift of dh ... without him (or Him!), I couldn't do any of the things I do.

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