Saturday, January 24, 2009

College: we grow 'em smart

So we brought Kotch up to her "some days first choice, some days second choice" college for a full-day scholarship competition. 120 some kids are vying for full-ride scholarships for this amazing school. While Kotch was taking her test, I got to sit for 3 hours, listening to the school's sales pitch ... which was phenomenal! I want to go there.

The enthusiasm and love of teaching exuded from every presenter. These folks really love teaching there and the student takes priority in every aspect of life. There was also a panel of students who were so pro "The Mount" that it would be hard to doubt their veracity.

When we got home I saw this post from my favorite SIL living in Colorado: the feast of St. Francis deSales. So, on the Feast of this great saint (and patron of writers), one of our favorite nieces (just 6 months younger than Kotch) received a full-ride offer from DeSales! How cool is that!

Guess we grow 'em smart ... or at least teach them to use appropriately and completely the gifts and talents from God!

Oh, and just so you know I wasn't completely idle while sitting for the almost 2 hour car ride, 3 hour testing, and 2 hour car ride home:
I have a quote on my knitting blog from fellow hand-knits designer Jill Wolcott:
I hate meetings ... but if I can get some knitting done, it's not a total loss

So not only was it a great meeting, but I ALSO got some knitting done.

Kotch and I have made a deal ... when she goes off in two weeks for another scholarship competition at her other "some days first choice, some days second choice", I will knit a pair of socks again. When she decides which college she'll attend (or wins the full-ride, which will decide for her) ... she'll get that pair of socks!


Renee said...

Neat about the full-ride opportunity. I hadn't seen any of those from Catholic schools - only full tuition scholarships.
My dd chose not to attend the Catholic schools because of the high cost of room/board plus transportation; she opted for a full ride to a small state school over the border.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations!! deSales is my very most favorite saint - and *super* cool socks Mary!!