Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hmmm: God's in Charge!

It would be good if it could be said of you that the distinguishing feature of your life was "loving God's Will". – St. Josemaria Escriva, The Forge, #48

So often, I have a corporate mentality of seeing a problem, developing a solution, implementing the solution and then moving on. Most of the time this works ... except for when it doesn't!

We've seen this recently with our trying to sell a house in Colorado so that we can stay here in Virginia. Seems pretty simple ... fix it up ... contact a realtor ... post it for sale ... and someone will buy it.

But it's not been that simple. The house will be "for sale" for 10 months come Saturday! We've had one really, low-ball offer ("a bottom feeder", as it were) ... but otherwise, zip, zilch, nada, nothing! And this is a really nice house in a really nice area for less than we paid. At our current burn rate (i.e., paying rent here + mortgage payment there = WOW!), economic downturn of the stock market (i.e., investments heading down the tubes) ... we can't keep doing this.

So, we figure one of two conclusions: God is asking us to ask for a miracle ... that someone will come along and offer a fair and honest amount soon (i.e., within the next month) ... OR ... we are supposed to move back to Colorado.

Our newest prayer, and one that we would ask you to pray for us ...

God, if it be your Divine Will that we put down roots here, please let us have a miracle and send someone to offer a fair and honest price for the house in Colorado ... if it not be your Divine Will that we stay here in Virginia ... than please give us the grace to accept Your Divine Will and move back to Colorado, accepting this year as one of growth, love and sacrifice for the greater Good!

Thanks for any prayers you can send up ... we WANT to follow God's will ... we want to joyfully and enthusiastically do what He would have us do ... we just don't know what that is yet!

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Maryan said...

Oh Mary, you're good. I have a friend that I once told that I was praying for them. And she said: "Oh that's nice. But I can tell you are praying those God's will prayers. I don't want those. I want "Please give me ___ this now prayers." LOL!!

This has been a long cross for you guys right now. So I'm sending both prayers for you. ;)