Sunday, February 08, 2009

College: choices and challenges

On Thursday we dropped Kotch off at the airport to fly to her "sometimes first choice, sometimes second choice" college for a college visit/scholarship competition. At the same time, I started the socks for this trip.

She came home today and definitely has placed this one as her "definite" first choice ... at least until she hears how much aid she'll be getting from this one and the other "first choice". I finished the socks tonight as she described her visit to the mid-west and this wonderful college.
Once she decides, she'll get the socks for the college -- so, either the above or these (for her other "first choice"):It's completely up to her and either college would be a wonderful experience for her; my first choice would be the one she just returned from (and this is only SLIGHTLY affected by the fact that the girls in the freshman dorm all learned to knit this year!).

While we were waiting for Kotch's flight to arrive, we took the opportunity and spent the day in D.C. Dh took StringBean to the Art Museum while I took the boys to the Air and Space. On our way to meet up with Dad and StringBean, we stopped in the Hirschhorn Sculpture Garden for a photo op on this gorgeous 70-something day in the Nation's Capitol:


Renee said...

The top socks make me think of Benedictine but I'm not sure about the blue socks.

Mary G said...

Renee -- the bottom socks are for The Mount (Mt. St. Mary's) as their colors are blue and white. But this blue was the only I had when I got into this deal with 17yod!