Saturday, February 28, 2009

Conferences: now this is even better!

Earlier this week, I posted about Homeschool Connections' webinars. Yesterday, we got even better news about these "in your pajamas" conferences ... from now on they'll be FREE! Yep, FREE as in no fee, no cost, no money ... just great information and wonderful speakers.

And to ice the cake a bit more ... and even though this is Lent, this is the kind of sweet deal we can all enjoy ... the powers that be over at Homeschool Connections have decided to add high school and middle school lectures (which will cost a minimal fee) for those of us home-schooling those ages (or wanting to supplement our in-school kids).

Check out Maureen's blog for more information about the changes happening and "see" y'all on Wednesday for her talk on Teaching Art and Music with Real Books (pj's always optional!). The site is still showing a $10 fee, but that should be put to $0.00 later today.

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