Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where should we go today?

How 'bout to a concert (free, yet!) of the Fairfax Wind Symphony at the West Springfield Auditorium?The Fairfax Wind Symphony group is composed of music teachers, band directors and musicians from the Fairfax area. One of the performers, a basson and contra-bassoon player, is the music and acting teacher at dh's high school.Here she is to the left (as you're looking) of the band-director, Stanley r. Schoonover. She is playing the contra-bassoon ... 16-feet of musical instrument which she plays beautifully.

The concert was an hour long (just the right length for BamBam). Titled "Metamorphosis", the concert included Fanfare from ET, Amazing Grace (wow, that was very moving!), Overture to Rienzi, and "Symphonic Metamorphoses on Themes of CM von Weber" by P. Hindemith. The last selection was broken into four parts:
  1. allegro
  2. turandot/scherzo/moderator
  3. andantino
  4. march

What a fabulous opportunity to get some music into our lives. And the hour went quickly LegoManiac and StringBean enthralled! Wonderful!

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