Friday, March 20, 2009

Sidebar: new petition prayer

Regular visitors to my blog will notice an addition to my sidebars -- a petition prayer card to St. Joseph. Thanks to a wonderful friend, I have this beautiful petition prayer that I'll be saying from now until the next St. Joseph feast, May 1st.
Please feel free to right-click and save this prayer card to your own computer if you'd like to join me in this prayer-pilgrimage. We continue to pray for the sale of our house in Colorado ... April 1st will mark the beginning of ANOTHER year on the market, and this is tough on us all, particularly dh! We also are discerning what the next few months and years will bring: move back to Colorado or stay here and lose the house, and/or possible job for me (which could mean no more home-educating the little ones). These are tough times ... just when praying through St. Joseph is needed most!
Thank you for any prayers you can say on our behalf. Know that you are all in my daily prayers.
St. Joseph, protector of families
pray for us!


Elizabeth Foss said...

How cool? Now I need to figure out how to load it to typepad. I've already got the prayer on my sidebar, but your version is prettier. I'm in for the prayers!

Leonie said...

Thank you - very nice - and more prayers...and more hugs...

Debbie said...

We are still praying for God's will...either a fantastic job in Colorado, or a house sold in Colorado. His will be done. would still be great to see you guys! St. Joseph will take your petitions straight to heaven. How could his foster son refuse him?