Monday, March 02, 2009

SNOW DAY! March version

Well it seems March is going to roar in like a lion ... last night (Sunday) the snow and wind and cold started and it's still snowing and blowing a bit now, at noon on Monday!

Here's what we woke up to:
Quite a bit of the cold, wet stuff here in Virginia -- so much in fact the Federal Govt even had a late-start! I guess String Bean and Bam-Bam were right -- wearing pj's backwards the night before = snow day!

We're all home, cozy and warm, with plenty of food and things to keep us busy .... so we're having some fun today with no worrying about family on the road or having to get to or from somewhere.

Prayers for all those who had to drive somewhere today ... may they soon be back with their families and friends, drinking warm drinks and enjoying the weather inside.

It's not looking too good for out and about tomorrow either ...

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