Friday, April 24, 2009

Why Jesus wants us to be child-like ...

... was explained to me pretty succinctly by my 9-year-old daughter. The other day, we rec'd an estimate of the closing costs and our portion. We were horrified to see what it was going to COST US to sell a house! Dh and I were getting pretty animated when we rec'd the email and then went to make a cup of tea.

When we got back to the computer to analyze the situation further, String Bean had left us a note:

We're trying, dear!

Guess this is why St. Josemaria Escriva said:

Being children you will have no cares: children quickly forget what troubles
them and return to their games. With abandonment, therefore, you will not have
to worry, since you will rest in the Father.
The Way, #864

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