Sunday, May 24, 2009

Where should we go today?

hmmm ... it's a warm Spring-y day (70s but cloudy) and we don't have rain in the forecast ... what about heading to Belvedere Plantation? Hmmmm ... a 645-acre farm, on the banks of the Rappahannock, with a plantation house from the 1760s (!) and fresh, ready to pick, strawberries! Sounds perfect.

Two hours and almost 30 pounds of berries later, we headed home to prep them and revel in the stupendously sensual smell of strawberries! It did rain on us ... but a gentle, Spring shower that cooled the pickers as we bent and found the ripening redness hidden in the green rainforest of the raised beds. We have another flat of berries in addition to the ones shown here. We had berries and vanilla icecream for dessert tonight ... we're dehydrating some for snacks ... freezing some for post-season treats. If we can keep the kids from eating 'em all!
We'll be hunting up some strawberry recipes for the next month or so ... so if you have some, please share!

And just so you know ... we finished up the night with the perfect family movie for such a day -- State Fair -- the one with Jeanne Crain, Dana Andrews and Vivian Blaine ... a perfect ending to a perfect day here in the Old Dominion.
Hope your day went as well ....

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Carmen said...

Oh, Mary I am so jealous! Yesterday, I wanted to buy strawberries because I want to make a jam recipe from the Barefoot Contessa, but I couldn't really find any good strawberries. I did, however, buy some new strawberry plants to plant in our garden. I love strawberries. It sounds like a truly wonderful day. On a side note, I'm knitting clogs- felted of course! I really can't believe it took until my 30s to discover the pure joy of knitting. I can't imagine stopping now!