Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Milestones: High School Graduation!

Well, she did it ....
Yep, she did it ... Kotch walked down the aisle on a warm early-Summer evening, walking down the aisle as a mere kid in high school. A couple of hours later, she walked out to be greeted by her youngest brother in the gathering darkness; she walked out a young woman ready to face the world with all the gifts and blessings she's been given, all the tools necessary to go off to college!

What a wonderful night it was ... with great speeches from a few of the seniors (the best being the last by Kotch's good friend), a great experiential speech from R-Nebraska Congressman Fortenberry, and a wonderful Mass celebrated by favorite-parish priest, Fr. Searby!

The evening was long but well-worth-it for the younger three to see their sister graduate -- so, one down and three to go!
We are EXTREMELY proud of our daughter and her hard work ... and for those who haven't heard, she'll be heading down to Ave Maria University this Fall to begin her science studies with an eye to becoming a doctor someday .. or whatever else God might have in mind for her!

God bless you, Kotch -- we love you!


Maryan said...

Congratulations!! Dan was there, but I was home with the littles! Many prayers and best wishes for college!

Mary said...

Tell her congratulations from us.