Monday, June 08, 2009

Resources: Catholic and Homeschooling combined

Do you want a recommendation for one of the best homeschool resources? Do you want to imbue your homeschool with Catholicity and love of learning? Have I got a recommendation for you!
Have you seen the only Catholic, homeschooling quarterly available? mater et magistra (a quarterly for which I'm proud to write the handcrafts column) is an amazing publication! The name says it all: Mother and Teacher which is what the Church is for us all; but in lower case letters it's what each one of us is in the hearts of our homes: mother and teacher!

Each issue has a theme which means these are definite keepers for future projects. The volunteer contributors are experienced homeschoolers with lots of great information for incorporating the arts, sciences, books and crafts into our learning adventures. Margot works hard to give the magazine a sophisticated feel with lots of depth to the articles.

If you haven't seen this magazine ... ask around or better yet, go to one of the many regional homeschool conferences (for instance, Margot will be at IHM this next weekend) and look for the m-et-m table! I really do thing you'll like what you see and want to subscribe to the only Catholic homeschool magazine out there. And at $20 for 4 issues, it's a great price too!


Jen said...

I know this comment has nothing to do with your post here! I just read your post on the 4Real Forums about lurkers coming out to chat. I was just wondering if you knew approx. how long it takes for a registration to be approved? I registered I think about a week ago. I'm anxious to jump in and join all you ladies in the forum. But I understand that everyone's busy too! I was just wondering. (See....nothing to do with your post here...I'm sorry! :-)

Mary G said...

Jen ... you should be able to post immediately after registering. I know you can't do avatars or some of the other personalizing till you've been on a while.

I'll forward a note to the mods and see if they can figure out the problem!

And never hesitate to ask a question in the comments ... I just love to "chat"!