Friday, December 14, 2007

Advent: O Antiphons

Last year, I believe it was Katherine J. who had the SENSATIONAL idea to create an O Antiphons house with blocks. Check this post from Jenn GM for her write-up on O Antiphons last year. Anyway, I was too late to do this last year, but remembered early enough this year (surely a minor miracle!) to go ahead and get one ready.
Today we worked on putting it all together for Monday's start.

I wood-burned a wooden "house" I'd gotten at Hobby Lobby. This was my first attempt (ever!) at wood-burning and it really made a cool "rustic" looking house. I then oiled the wood to keep the natural, rustic look while keeping it from drying out in this Colorado desert!

The 1" cubes I'd gotten were too small for the openings, so I put 1-3/4" flat squares on the cubes -- we then did the symbols and name of each antiphon -- Sapientia, Adonia, Radix Jesse, Clavis David, Oriens, Rex Gentium, Emmanuel and I added a final one for the 24th -- Light of the World. Just used Sharpies and a bit of patience.

I think the final result will definitely be a family tradition for years to come!


Ruth said...

Beautiful House! Have a blessed Advent.

Mary Machado said...

I real like how it turned out, Mary.

Stef said...

That's beautiful, Mary!

Carmen said...

Mary, I like your house. We have the O Antiphons banners up in our parish and I like the idea of adding this tradition to preparations in Advent. We'll see you in the Christmas Season!

liturgy said...

The Os actually start on Dec. 17, but in the old English usage they started on Dec. 16 and added on Dec. 23 "O Virgin of virgins."