Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Little House is Big Fun!

I've mentioned in passing that we're reading a chapter-a-day from Little House in the Big Woods. When I say "we", in this case anyway, I just mean my littles and I are reading it.

I had forgotten just how rich, fun and exciting these books are! I can't wait to finish this one and move on to all of them in the series. They are just what CM would have described as "living books" -- lots of fun details and information about life back in the pioneer days. Laura Ingalls Wilder explains what they ate, how they worked, what they did all day. It's a perfect living history lesson in a compelling story setting!

Yesterday and today we read the two chapters about the "sugar snow" and making of maple sugar syrup and candy. WOW -- would that be fun! In today's chapter, the family had gone to the grandparents for a "sugaring" dance party and the evening meal (before the dance) Grandma makes "hasty pudding with maple syrup" -- now the kids want that for dinner!

So off to make "Hasty Pudding" -- you can find the recipe in a jewel of a book called The Little House Cookbook!

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Alice said...

My six year old and I are reading this together right now. It is her absolute favorite book in the world, and she makes me re-read it to her periodically. The older ones also will stay for a chapter or two at times--they are every bit as interested and immersed as we are!

I would love to hear your thoughts next time you read Little House on the Prairie. I read it aloud last year for the first time in a very, very long while and found the book to be terrifying! My heart went out to Ma throughout the whole thing. The family's perils and struggles were lost on me when I read the book as a child--and even when I read it years ago as a less experienced mother. It is so interesting to re-visit these works as adults, isn't it?