Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More Little House

As an update to yesterday's post --

The Hasty Pudding was a big hit -- even with String Bean who is politely called a "picky eater". Brikhead thought it tasted like grits, but better (I think that was just because of the syrup) and Lego Maniac asked for a heaping second helping.

Today, they insisted on listening to two chapters -- and would have asked for more but Bam-Bam was being belligerent and Bam-Bam belligerent is not a pretty sight! Today we got to Lake Pepin and the girls going to town for the first time. Mine really just couldn't picture never having seen anything like that. We talked about the fact that the girls really never were out of the Big Woods and had never seen the open sky. Lego Maniac's and String Bean's eyes got real big as this dawned on them.

How simple life used to be!

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