Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Monet and the Orangerie

String Bean's love affair with Monet began last year with the purchase by Kotch of a 3-d fold out garden set depicting Monet's famous house and garden. The set came with a book of Monet's paintings. We decided at the time to do a unit on Monet -- of course using Linnea in Monet's Garden -- as well as lots of other books about this Impressionist!

We did another study of Monet this year in March as one of our monthly artists -- following that study with a month of Mary Cassat (another Impressionist).

The point that I'd like to mention here (a fancy way of saying "long story short") is an article in today's NYTimes -- Paris's Jewel-like Orangerie, Home to Monet's Waterlilies, Reopens, Polished and Renovated. This is a neat article about the renovation of the building that houses Monet's most famous opus -- his waterlilies. The building is also home to many other works of art, but String Bean has only eyes for Monet!

Here's hoping we'll be able to see this in real life while we're in Europe the next few years....


Alice said...

I still can't believe you are leaving for Europe. I keep having to remind myself that you are not my next door neighbor, and you'll still be blogging over there! Thank goodness for the internet!

Mary G said...

Alice -- keep the prayers coming; looks like we're having "issues" with the visas.

Yes, we'll keep in much contact by Internet -- maybe I can even teach you to knit on-line!

Alice said...

>>maybe I can even teach you to knit on-line!

Now that would be a worthwhile project! (I actually think I have a nice beginner knitting set I bought years ago for the girls, but neglected to complete. You've inspired me to blow the dust off of it! That's if I did not give it away before our move two years ago!)