Thursday, May 18, 2006

Happy 84 + 2 in heaven JPthe Great!

As Alice at Cottage Blessings so eloquently mentioned, JP the Great would have turned 86 today.

We have claimed this day as our own JP's (alias Bam-Bam) feast day -- until the Church proclaims JP2 a saint and then we'll use that date as Bam-Bam's patronal feast.

JP the Great meant much to so many people; many people claim his pontificate as the turning point to bring them back to, or to bring them to, the Catholic Church. I wonder just how many conversions/reversions can be traced to this man's 26-1/2 years as the Leader of the Catholic Church?

I'm sure they're having a wonderful birthday party in Heaven!

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Alice said...

Happy Feast Day to your JP!!!

Thanks so much for the kind reference!