Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mercury Transit Field Trip

This afternoon some of the homeschoolers in the Denver area were privileged to be able to view the planet Mercury transiting in front of the Sun. A group of us met at the historic Chamberlin Observatory (on University of Denver campus) and were able to use the 112 year-old telescope to observe this 13-times-per-century event. And it was a glorious day in Denver (almost 80 degrees and clear) to watch from either the official telescope or viewing through the telescopes of the members of the Denver Astronomical Society who set up outside the observatory.

Of course, the best part of these fields trips is getting together and having fun:


Theresa said...

Sounds great! What a neat thing to live so close to a wonderful resource like the observatory.

meredith said...

How wonderful to have seen it, great pics!!