Thursday, November 09, 2006

Still Working on the Sheep-Wool-Knitting Unit

Here are a few more books we read today:

Hansen, Robin – Sunny’s Mittens: Learn-to-Knit Lovikka Mittens
This is a “classic” how-to-knit for kids. It’s a story of how Nana teaches Sunny how to knit and felt mittens. This book is great for a few reasons: it makes it sound really do-able (and it is with the clear directions in the back), it’s a low-key discussion of how mittens are made, and it’s spiral bound so the book stays open while you’re reading the directions. Honestly, if you do one knitting project with your kids – use this book!

Greenstein, Elaine – One Little Lamb
Yep, that’s all it takes to knit a pair of mittens – just one little lamb. This is a baby book with cute illustrations and just a couple of words per page; but, it highlights the link between a lamb, shearing, spinning, dyeing, knitting, and mittens. Fun for the younger ones to practice their reading ability.

Klise, Kate (illus by her sister M. Sarah Klise) – Shall I Knit You a Hat: A Christmas Yarn
This book is a very creative story about the benefits of hand-knit gifts for Christmas – ones that are very practical and beautiful at the same time. Little Rabbit and his mom design and knit hats for all their friends as a Christmas surprise (knowing that a blizzard is forecast for Christmas Eve). It is a really cute story and the hats they make are REALLY unique; the only thing that’s missing is directions to try designing your own hats ….

It really is fun to compile this list -- and more importantly, to share them with my littles -- of books which really speak to the beauty, utility and love of knitting!

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