Friday, January 12, 2007

Mongolia and Knitting -- finally

Well, the littles were finally able to put needle to yarn and start knitting something for the Mongolian project where we've committed to sending at least five knitted items to the children and adults of Mongolia to help ward off the amazingly COLD winters throughout the country.

We also began a new read-aloud -- I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade, a historical fiction book that talks about a Mongolian girl growing up during Kublai Khan's time. She was injured as a baby by a horse crushing her foot. The only way she can feel free is to ride horses -- something women of Kublai Khan's time DID NOT do. So we've started the book today and it really is shaping up to be a fantastic read-aloud. Lots of detail about the superstitions of the Mongolians, their religious beliefs, their nomadic lifestyle and more. And, the kids had a blast knitting as they listened!

If you and your kids are interested in helping the people of Mongolia, you can find out more about the project on this flyer. Or you can drop me a note and I'll tell you what I know....

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