Friday, January 12, 2007

We finished REDWALL!

Yesterday, we did a marathon read-aloud session to finish the final book in the first of the series, aptly titled Redwall. If you have not yet read this to your children -- turn off the computer, run out to the library or the nearest book store and get a copy. This is a fantastic action book -- suitable for girls and boys -- with a great moral story. We had such fun reading it and even though the holidays slowed down our read-alouds (that is, we didn't!) we were able to pick up the book and the littles knew exactly who was who, what was happening and eager to move on!

The fun thing about the Redwall series (which I had read with my oldest back when he was 7 or 8) is that the immutable truth of good vs evil, the inconquerable belief that good ALWAYS will triumph burns up these pages. A fantastic world of animals who talk and walk and fight and care for each other. Good guys who are truly good. Bad guys that are really bad. What more could you want in a book?

Oh, did you say a food tie-in? Well, the author, Brian Jacques (a brit who grew up during the war years), has given us supplied a Redwall Cookbook that has tons of recipes that are from the books. Lovingly illustrated by Christopher Denise, this cookbook is fun even if you don't read the books. The recipes all have an excerpt referencing the item, so you can get a feel for the Abbey inhabitants if you're not sure you want to delve into the world on my recommendation alone.

Yesterday we made "Spiced Gatehouse Tea Bread" that was excellent for breakfast this morning. You steep the THREE cups of raisins, golden raisins and currants in hot brewed tea before adding them to the dough. It makes a fruit-rich bread that has a lovely spice flavor.

Tonight, we're having "Loamhedge Legacy Nutbread" -- a non-sweet shortbread like bread that is filled with chopped nuts. Can't wait to taste that one! Edited to add that this was a GREAT dinner bread. EVERYONE loved it and it came out beautifully.

So, again, run don't walk to get a copy of Redwall and read it aloud to your kids. Come back here and let me know what you think and whether or not your kids hugged you for reading them such a great story ....

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Leonie said...

We enjoyed many of the books in the Redwall series - and lots of related cooking and also map making! So, your post made me smile.