Friday, April 13, 2007

Easter Week Fun: Sugared Easter Eggs

One of the really cool things about Easter is that the "day" last 8 days! God changes the calendar and creates 8 days from the one single end of Jesus' resurrection. So, we Catholics should really be partying and celebrating this whole week in honor of Jesus.

Well, thanks to MaryM., we also got to try a new craft this week: sugared eggs. Basically, you make a sugar/water/meringue powder egg (using a mold) with the "shell" cut lengthwise. This egg looks like a styrofoam egg but it very strong. The inside is hollow and you make a scene to go in it. When the M's did it before, they used marzipan for the inside figures; we opted for Sculpey as it's so easy to mold and holds up well.

Please NOTE: these eggs are NOT edible. When you're making the icing "glue", that's edible (altho a little too sweet to be palatable to us older folks); once the egg has hardened, it is just for decoration!

Here are photos of the scenes at my house yesterday as we got busy, making these beautiful long-lasting treasures:

Below we have the finished interior scenes (from upper left to lower right): empty tomb, bunny family, crown of thorns, Peter Rabbit grabbing carrots (and ignoring the jelly beans!)

Pretty cool, huh?

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Leticia said...

Those eggs are beautiful, it must be hard to convince the kids not to eat them!