Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Grammar made super easy (and fun!)

Are you trying to teach your kids about the parts of speech -- the difference between a noun and a pronoun ... a regular verb and an irregular verb ... an adverb and an adjective ? How can you teach them which pronouns to use when and the order of adverbs?

Ruth Heller, who has written tons of cool coloring books, has created series of books we checked out from the library -- these are fantastic! Every book has big beautiful drawings and fun examples of the specific part of speech.

Here are the ones we read today (which will need to be purchased for my own bookshelves -- yes, they're that good):

Check 'em out -- I think you'll find they're quite helpful (and fun!)

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Love2Learn Mom said...

Ah, these have been favorites in our house for years. I've always been amazed at how often the kids bring me these books to read to them. Definitely worth having readily available on the shelf. :)