Monday, April 09, 2007

Pre-camping pleasures

Now that we're out in the Rockies, we figure we'll take the kiddos camping quite a bit this summer; I mean, the scenery is AWESOME (in the true definition of the word!).

But we're also trying to get the little ones all excited while also helping us learn about camping skills before we head out. So where do we turn? The library of course!

Here are some of the books that have really gone over well with our kids:

Not to forget the older folks, here are some GREAT books on camping and hiking in Colorado:


Theresa said...

Mary, you just HAVE to get the book, Cooking On a Stick. It is so much fun and filled with great kid-friendly recipes for camp cooking. It is Superboy's favorite.

Mary G said...

Thanks, Theresa -- we'll try that one too.....I'm just SOOO looking forward to going camping in the Rockies; when we were in the Blue Ridge area, we liked camping there, but this is so much more rugged (younger too!)

MaryM said...

But it rains every afternoon and I HATE that about camping in the Colorado mountains!

Mary G said...

As long as it doesn't snow in the summer, I don't mind a bit of rain -- actually when we've been here in past summers, the rain feels good.... so don't rain on my parade, ok?????