Thursday, August 23, 2007

Home Educators' Discounts

OK, here's my latest "campaign" -- trying to convince companies to give home educators the same discounts that they offer "real teachers". I mean, here I am spending hundreds of dollars on supplies, manipulatives and books for my little learners ... wouldn't you think some of the locals would want to "cash in" on my largesse? Wouldn't you think that I would be a better, more loyal customer if I received the respect of a "real teacher" that shop-owners give to those who aren't going to spend as much in a year as I will (due to purchase contracts that districts cut with other vendors?????). It just doesn't make sense. I'd willingly purchase locally, but when I can order online or from a catalog for A LOT LESS than buying locally, it's hard to rationalize it!

However, those who are willing to give me a discount, have now got me as a loyal customer. I'd also like to support companies who see home-educators as REAL educators.

Here are the ones that I know of:
  • Jo-ann Fabrics and Crafts -- gives a 10% discount to educators (you can show another's educator card to qualify)
  • Barnes & Noble -- gives 20% discount for educational purchases (excludes video/music)
  • Office Depot -- gives 5% discount on purchases, 10% on printing + money back on qualifying purchases (very easy to work with!)
  • Office Max -- gives $10 for every $75 spent on "qualifying purchases" tracked through their "Teachers' Perks" card; no discount at POS; currently running a laminating offer (till 9/13/07) which seems to be handled differently in each store....

Any others you know of?


Marcie said...

Mary, Books A Million also gives an educator's discount.

Spinneretta said...

Border's Books. Another 20% discount excluding music, DVD's and magazines.