Sunday, August 26, 2007

Locks of Love

My 16 yod finally did it .... here's the before picture:

... and the after:


Amy said...

She looks great!

My dd (with alopecia) gives your dd a huge round of applause. :)

coffeemamma said...

Another round of applause from my youngest (cancer survivor, though never lost her hair- friends did)!

All of the girls in our family donate every 18 months or so.

Tell you dd she looks absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

When my girls ..8 of them were all small & i had to take care of their hair..past their bottoms..when they reached the age they could do it themselves they cut it shorter..easier to manage! Cheek!

Anyways now it's all about straighteners...sigh..

Mrs. T said...

Such a lovely thing to do! My 13yo recently did the same thing, and it was a bit of a wrench at first. Her long hair was beautiful, but the shorter hair is beautiful, too, and it's made all the more beautiful by the sacrifice.


School for Us said...

What a great cause! I, too, did this a few months ago. I really applaud all the children who are donating their hair. Way to go!!!