Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nature Study: Jewells Wetlands & Fairy Houses

Well, yesterday may not have been the nicest day for a nature study field trip ...... but the kids, moms and crawdads didn't seem to mind too awfully much!

And once the rain ceased for a bit in the afternoon, we were able to take a few of the kids over to finish fairy houses. These are fairy houses similar to the ones shown in the book, Fairy Houses ... Everywhere by Barry and Tracey Kane. Another book, Fairy Houses, shows a little girl learning about these houses (and is really a delight to read to the littles!). These folks have also put out a DVD, Kristen's Fairy House, which is also chock-full of great ideas and really cool houses for the kids to make.
A great add-on to a nature study!

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School for Us said...

I love the idea of the fairy houses! I'll have to check out the video and/or book.

And, how did you get the crawdads?