Saturday, October 27, 2007

Movies: Bella!

The feel good movie of the year!
Two thumbs way up for this one!
If you only see one movie this year, make it this one!

These rather trite movie review phrases can't do justice to the movie we saw last night.
At 8:00 p.m., we bundled the three littles, 16 yo Kotch, granmere and dh and I into the van to drive 45 minutes(!) to see this movie ... we got home 4 hours later much the better for the excursion!

Bella, which is an independent film with limited (or "select") distribution, opened this weekend here in the Front Range. Four theaters around the area are showing it. Check your area and see where it's playing -- you won't regret seeing this movie ... no matter the distance you have to go.

This movie celebrates life; not in the political pro-life vs pro-choice way but rather in embracing all forms of life:
  • life as a gift from birth to death
  • life as lived in a loving family
  • life as lived in a work family
  • life as lived by folks you may pass on the street and ignore
  • life as lived, with all the upsets and changes and disappointments
  • life as lived, yes, even in the heart of New York City by a blind street person
  • life as lived with joy in spite of situations -- whether of our making or not

The film is rated PG-13 for the subject matter and a brief, and well-handled accident scene. It's too bad it has to have a rating at all .... EVERYONE should go see this one! The conversations that this will engender will be useful for all .... the teens at their lockers on Monday morning, the family around the dinner table on Sunday night, the adults at work ... in carpool line ... or blogging this weekend ...

Because, you see, this movie will speak to everyone in the audience differently ... dh saw it as a movie about how to "be a man", I saw it as how best to live with irreversible events, the littles saw it as a beautiful love story, granmere saw it as reality.

Bella, a movie all should watch (and then live the message!).


Hélène said...

That was a good review. It *is* a movie that all should watch. I liked your point about rejoicing in every life, which I densely didn't pick up on when I watched it but see now that you mentioned it. I am hoping to be able to convince my friends to go see it this weekend and if money weren't tight I would go again. I hope that the director does more movies like it because it was *so* beautiful. I wrote my own review of it on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Can we get it in the UK?

Alice Gunther said...

Saturday at 8 pm, I was with Agnes and Theresa and many families from our homeschooling group seeing this excellent film!!!

We've been talking about it all weekend!

What an incredible film.

Mary G said...

Mrs. Jackie Parkes -- unfortunately Bella doesn't seem to have a UK distributor yet ... but keep praying (and spread the word among your friends), maybe someone will distribute it over there!


Leticia said...

Those of us here in the USA will do our best to fill those theatre seats for these days when the distributors are watching to see how "Bella" does. It was number two in success for theatre this weekend. Nice job, ladies!
I have a review up on Mercatornet which was picked up by Reuters and USA Today. I hope this helps Jackie and all the world get "Bella" the way we sent them "The Passion of the Christ".