Friday, October 26, 2007

World Series: Watching it the old-fashioned way

Last night was game number 2 of what is looking like a pretty tough ride for our Colorado Rockies. After two games in Beantown, the boys are coming home to play here on Saturday and Sunday ... and they'll do just fine up at altitude, thank you very much!

We tried to watch the game on TV .... but the antenna just couldn't pick it up. Very kind and wonderful friends invited us over to watch on their cable-enhanced TV .... but dh was having sinus-issues and my boys were exhausted so we opted to stay home.


Put the stereo dial on AM850 and listen to the game the old-fashioned way. And even though our boys lost, my boys (and String Bean calmly knitting away) so enjoyed listening to the game while playing quietly. It was so fun for all! The radio broadcast is much more exciting -- lots of background noise, great "color" by the sportscasters, and no "bad" commercials to mute! What more could you want?
Well, for LegoManiac, he needed a pictorial of the game so he could keep track of hits, outs and overall score:


Matilda said...

Retro baseball... I like it!

Alice Gunther said...

This brings back such happy memories for me.

My father was a huge baseball fan, and we spent our summers in our little cabin in upstate NY. The house had no television, but Dad would listen to every Yankee game on the radio. How well I remember the sounds and excitement you describe. Dad always said the games were better on the radio than on television!

Carmen L. said...

Mary, We did the same thing. Having no TV up here. (The last blizzard in May knocked out our antenna and we just did without TV). So, we've listened to the series! It was actually fun except for the whole Red Sox sweep thing! -Carmen