Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election 2008: gotta hit it again!

OK, here's another YouTube video to watch:

Does anyone else see what I saw?

Mr. Obama completely divorced himself from the question "when does human life begin"?

OK, we went to a great parent philosophy "class" last night and I now can logically explain that human life MUST START at conception because when the 23 chromosomes from the female join with the 23 chromosomes from the male ... you can't get anything BUT the 46 chromosomes of a new human. This new human is NOT the female's property but a complete entity unto itself. The "substance" is human ... whether it's from two parents who are married or not ... it's still a HUMAN!

And the funny thing? The Catholic Church doesn't argue this. The philosophers (who were a mix of pagans, polytheists, agnostics, atheists and Christians) all agree that human life MUST start as soon as the egg is fertilized to make a NEW BEING... and these can ONLY make a HUMAN. The Catholic Church sees this as a given ... an obvious biological fact. What the Catholic Church argues about is that two parents should be in a legitimate marriage. The Catholic Church doesn't need to say that the baby created -- however he/she is created -- is a human with his/her own rights under natural law because that's a given. It's obvious and rational.

Killing a human ... no matter whether he/she is an elderly, sickly person ... or a middle-age coma victim ... or a baby ... or a zygote -- it doesn't matter! That person is still a human. And a human deserving of all rights and privileges extended to a human -- "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" is how our Forefathers explained it!

And SHAME ON MR. OBAMA for his comment that if "my daughters make a mistake, they shouldn't be punished with a child" ... so Mr. Obama, was your mom punished with you? or your sister Maya? is a child truly a "PUNISHMENT"?

How can anyone come to a different conclusion ... unless they're NOT thinking rationally? And do we want a president who doesn't think rationally, even about something that is SO VERY OBVIOUS?

Scares me just a bit ...

HT: Elizabeth at In the Heart of My Home shared this one!

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