Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Election 2008: A non-typical view of the election

Now how come the national news media doesn't pick up on a video like this? (Careful, some of the language is a bit rough for younger ears, but he certainly makes some great points!)

This video really needs to be shown around, y'all!


lida said...

I'm blown away! This guys deserves some AD time on TV.
I agree 100% with the message.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I especially like the bit at the end that points out that O supporters are looking for someone to make them happy, when they have the power to do it themselves. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Who is this young man! Loved him and his logical and cogent way of explaining his beliefs. Why isn't he RUNNING the McCain/Palin campaign?

Anonymous said...

Wow - the republicans really dug deep to find this worm for their propoganda machine.

Go ahead and put him on TV ... in fact, let him debate Barack - 'cuz Barack will chew him up and we'll see dis boy for the vacuous shit spewer that he is.

IF McCain-Palin win, I am leaving the country, permanently, because it will tell me that the idiots have taken over America for twelve years straight.