Monday, October 20, 2008

Where should we go today?

How 'bout a marvelous train ride into D.C. and a visit to many of the memorials (to take great advantage of the beautiful Fall weather)? What a beautiful outing today -- we took the VRE from Rippon and into D.C. as pretty as you please!
A quick couple of blocks got us onto the Mall and headed toward the Washington Monument (where we picked up tickets for an ascent at noon). We then checked out the World War 2 memorial (absolutely amazing!), the Lincoln Memorial and the Korean War Memorial before heading up into the Washington Memorial for some spectacular views of all compass-points. (The picture below was shot thru the East window of the Washington Monument, 500-ft above the ground!) Here, Bam-Bam is ready for the touring to be done and some lunch to be eaten!What a gorgeous Fall day for our visit to the Nation's Capitol! And a wonderful chance for the kids (and grown-ups) to remember what we've done in this young Country to encourage freedom, justice for ALL, and love of all ....

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RamFam said...

My favorite view from the top of the Washington Monument is the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I think it is absolutely amazing! It's wonderful to see your outings. And thanks for the inspiration. We'll have to make it out to the Mall again. We haven't done it in a while.