Monday, November 03, 2008

Election 2008: OK, this is my LAST political post ...

... for a while, anyway!

First, I have to say that the great blessing that has come out of the Election 2008 is that people who don't usually say anything (me included) have come out on one side or the other to explain why their candidate is the better of the two (or the lesser evil of the two). We have Bishops and Archbishops and Parish Priests speaking out for pro-life issue and explaining why this is not one-issue, but the only issue.

Now, for my two-bits before voting tomorrow.

I just don't get the Dems --

  • they say they are the party of the people and feel my pain but yet all the politicians fly all over the world talking about how they're just like me and thee ... RIGHT!
  • they say that they want to spread the wealth and then brag about the fact that they've set records on campaign contributions ... so much did they collect that they couldn't spend it! Why didn't they give some back ... or make sure that every dollar they received was a legitimate donation?
  • they say that they want change ... but the Congress has been Dem for the last two terms and the Senate went Dem the last time around ... so if change is needed, maybe we need more Republicans?
  • they say that they want to help everyone, but their platform basically addresses self-centered issues ... The right-to-life platform asks the mother to look beyond her own issues to the life of the baby; the Iraqui war asks the US to support freedom in the world; the Republicans' education agenda asks the people to look beyond the NEA and give the power back to the parents (who may not be able to match the funding of the NEA!)
  • they don't want vouchers or choice for schooling (including home-education and actually, the more radical -- like Hillary Clinton -- want NO private, religiously-affiliated schools at'all!) but send their own children to private schools (and not just "any" private school, but actually to the creme de la creme!)

I will vote tomorrow -- I will vote with a Catholic conscience at work ... I will vote with a pro-life stance ... I will vote for more than just the future president ... I will vote for those candidates that try to support my freedoms but NOT at the cost of the public, or "common" good. I will vote for those candidates who are honest and don't try to create personas or past history but who tell it like it happend (pb & j sandwiches in Indonesia???????)

I don't vote straight party ticket ... the Republican party has some bad "eggs" just as the Democrats have some bad "eggs" -- I will vote for who will best serve my country and put my own feelings on the back burner.

But, never forget, that a country that willingly kills it's youth is a dying country; a country that doesn't see the good in EVERY human person -- whether elderly, crippled, handicapped or in utero -- is a country that will lead to despotism and anarachy.


Anonymous said...

Just a tiny error. In the math percentages of voters...

Mary G said...

I think, anonymous, you meant this comment for the next post on Election Night ... you're right, it should be 64% voted and 36% didn't vote. Sorry about that.


Debbie said...

Hey, Mary! So you didn't vote straight party ticket, eh? I would have loved to have voted for some pro-life Dems, but out here in Colorado, all we had were pro-abort Dems! So straight party Republican pro-lifers got my vote. Unfortunately, the only ones who got elected were the DA and the County Council member! Argh!

Mary G said...

Well, actually Debbie, I did end up voting straight-party but not blindly ... my point is that the Republican candidates don't ALWAYS stand on the correct side of issues so I do the research and decide which candidate best mirrors what I believe ... even if he isn't the "best" candidate.