Monday, November 03, 2008

Where should we go today?

How 'bout Colonial Williamsburg?
We went down there today (a two-hour drive but well-worth-it!) on a homeschool deal where the tickets were $3.50 each (and BamBam, being under six, was free!). We had such a wonderful time ... we focused on the Governor's Palace, an amazing reconstruction of life from the 18th Century.
I'll let the pictures tell the story:
The front hall of the Governors' Palace is sheathed in swords, pistols and rifles to show the "country lodge" look of the traditional British home. Here, our interpreter explains about the Colonial Government (there were seven governors before the Revolution), while standing in front of a map that shows the size of the Virginia colony. We're the fourth stripe from the bottom ... and the original land tract decided by the British government had the Virginia colony going to the Pacific Ocean; so, as the intrepreter mentioned, we're pretty much all from Virginia!An original harpsichord, still played at concerts is in the music room. A room that is carpeted in what the interpreter described as carpet imitating the finding of the hidden city of Pompeii. A cool link to ancient history (especially as the wall paint, a rather bright teal-y green, is part of the imitation!) Just about to head into the Garden Maze off to the left of the Palace. This entry also leads to the canal behind the Palace.
This is the "back door" of the Palace ... pretty nice, eh?Even in the late Fall, the interpreters are out full-force ... this man was particularly gracious and welcoming to our adventure!
We also stopped by Duke of Gloucester street for some "window shopping" -- the toy store is phenomenal! We then headed across the rather tricky triangular intersection of Jamestown/Richmond roads that heralds the beginning of the College of William and Mary campus. We met up with my old (ok, he was young when I went there for my MBA) professor, now a dean of the Business school, who took us to a wonderful lunch at Pauls -- an old stomping ground from Grad School days that is still wonderful!
A great time was had by all ... and we're already planning our next visit!

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