Saturday, January 17, 2009

2001: A trip down memory lane

This afternoon, I had a phone call from my favorite brother (whose family is finding it hard to pray for our house to sell in Colorado as they'd really like us to move back...) ... and that started the memories.

Then dh and I were talking (while my sweetheart was cooking dinner -- gotta love this guy!), about all the places we've lived in our almost 11 years of wedded-bliss ... including our visits to said brother and his family in Ripon, England.

Then we started watching our favorite Saturday evening entertainment ...
And, so ... here is a blast from the past ... from our first year in Austria ... and our visits to England
So, we're all a bit older, (and we've added a little sprite since then), but otherwise ... welcome to our world!


MaryM said...

Those pics are way too cute - the kids enjoyed seeing the kids so young. BTW, I'm having the same problem as your brother.

Mary G said...

This is what we're figuring -- yours and brothers' prayers are trumping ours for selling the house!

We love y'all and miss ya!

Alice Gunther said...

I love these pictures. What cuties!

2001 doesn't seem so long ago, does it?

MaryM said...

I didn't say I was praying for it not to sell - just having a hard time when I'm praying for the sale.

Good luck at the March tomorrow.

Debbie said...

Love the pics of the kids when they were so little! And I said to myself..."Hey! That's my house!"

BTW, we ARE praying for your house to sell...even though it would be super de-duper cool if ya'll came back.