Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthdays: Double-digit and ALL boy!

Lego Maniac turned 10 (!) today and we had a marvelous day: the big boy and I spent a good few hours at our favorite museum, the National Marine Corps Museum, including lunch at Tun's Tavern and a visit to the gift shop to pick out some birthday treats. It was wonderful to actually SEE the museum without the other two as LegoManiac and I really get into it and String Bean and Bam-Bam think the faster the trip through the better.

We then did afternoon Mass (LegoManiac was on the rota for this afternoon) with an absolutely stunning sermon about FOCA and what we can do to fight it. Then a run through Quizno's to pickup up subs for dinner and home again to open gifts, talk to older brother Brikhead AND big sister Volleyballer on the phone, and generally revel in being 10!
Happiest of birthdays, dear Lego Maniac!


Alice Gunther said...

Happy birthday Lego-maniac!!!!

Leonie said...

Wow, the Marine Corps Museum sounds like something my kids would like..Happy birthday!

MaryM said...

Happy birthday - from, joe m.