Friday, January 23, 2009

Blogs: How cool is this?

One of my all-time, favoritest experiences when living in Colorado for two years was being able to go up to the Abbey of St. Walburga for retreats ... knitting and silent retreats ... or even just a stop in for Mass and prayers with the lovely women!

Well, thanks to Giles Cote at Catholic Faith Education, I now have access to Mother Maria-Michael's words of wisdom and reflection all the way over here in Virginia. Mother Maria-Michael is an amazying woman ... as are all the wonderful Benedictine sisters at Walburga.

Check out the reflections ... and enjoy a bit of Colorado mountain spirituality with your morning coffee. How cool is this? (oh, and that bell-tower in the lower left picture has my dad's name on it thanks to a donation from my lovely brother and SIL after dad died and the Sisters moved from Boulder to Virginia Dale).

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