Thursday, January 22, 2009

Field Trip: March for Life, Washington D.C.

Well, we just got back from a very full day ... dh went in at 4:30 to ride a bus up with his highschoolers while all the kids and I went at 10:00 to Adoration at our Parish and then to the bus to arrive in DC by around 12noon. We left the District at 5:00 p.m. or so, after an amazing day of marching, chanting, yelling and greeting new and old friends (including my favorite godson, a Junior at a wonderfully Catholic college)...

Here are some pix that are worth more than my writing (especially as I'm exhausted!):
The speeches were wonderful ... anti-abortion, anti-FOCA, and anti-Euthanasia ... but resoundingly pro-life, pro-babies, pro-personhood. Lots of calls for Mr. Obama to make a change for the better by embracing life and allowing the babies, old and sickly to live their God-ordained existence.
It was amazing to see the number of folks out protesting on this sunny but cold day in the Nation's Capitol -- old, young, male, female, kids and teens and college students, all ethnic groups represented as well as many of differing faiths ... all to celebrate life and march for a change to the Roe v Wade decision that ultimately legalized abortions in this country and opened the door for such insidious legislative proposal as partial-birth abortions, euthanasia, assisted suicide and even FOCA (which would give women the right to choose an abortion up until fetal-viability -- basically, up until delivery!).
Please pray to stop abortion, stop euthanasia and instead let's impose laws that securely protect those who can't talk for themselves ... fetuses, coma patients, severely handicapped, and any others at-risk! All human persons are a gift from God ... made in His image and likeness ... and thus, deserving of all protections and the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!


Debbie said...

Love the pics! But who's the girly man with the long curly hair?

Debbie said...

Okay, so that first post might sound a little mean...what I meant to say to that charming young man in the photo was, "nice hair, Dude!" Love and kisses from your most devoted Mom