Monday, January 12, 2009

House: We need a miracle here y'all!

Dear prayer warriors ....

9 months ago I came to you with a prayer for our house in Denver to sell as dh had just accepted a job helping to start up a brand new high school here in Virginia. We're loving the school and being in Virginia, but we still haven't sold the house in Denver.

Right now we're leasing a town-house but with little ones, renting is quite stressful as every ding, bump or spill on the carpet is nerve-wracking. Our lease isn't up until June, but in March we need to tell our landlord whether we want to continue renting.

Also, we will need to do the long-haul drive to Denver this summer to work on the house if it hasn't sold by then. Altho it would be GREAT to see our Denver friends ... we'd rather they visited us here!

We've started looking at our options here and because the market is very depressed here, we have some great options -- both in-town homes or out in the country a bit with some land (and thus, space for the boys to get out all their excess energy). There are some really great places but we are stymied until we can sell our home in Colorado. We have been such "nomads" for the last dozen years that we'd like to put down roots, figuratively and literally here in Virginia.

So please, please join us in prayer that we're granted a miracle and someone wants to buy our house for a fair and just price and SOON! Also, that we're able to find a good house here, for a fair and just price, and that we're able to help a family out here in Virginia by buying the house they need to sell.

As always, we pray for you and yours daily ....

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