Monday, January 12, 2009

Ordinary Time 2009

Today starts "ordinary time" in the Catholic Church. All altars and vestments will now turn to green as we move from Christmas-tide (which ended yesterday with the celebration of the Baptism of the Lord in the Jordan) into Ordinary Time and work toward Lent (which starts this year on February 25th - Ash Wednesday).

Our family altar celebrates ordinary time, with the placement of a green cloth, our favorite Marian stature and relics, books and other favored family objects.

But, of course, our life is anything but ordinary this week. We'll start-up a rhythm with our home-learning adventures, but still not quite a "normal" or "ordinary" schedule as 17yod has finals this week (and into next week) which means we leave a bit later to get her to school daily ... which pushes our day back a bit. We will still try to attend daily Mass (a new year's resolution), but may have to adjust for Kotch.

Next week ... we have MLK Day (but Kotch has her 7th period final) ... and then the National March for Life in D.C. on Thursday, January 22nd (and of course, the inauguration of our newest president, Mr. Barack Obama on Tuesday, January 20th, which will keep us busy watching online and praying for our Nation as we begin this new administration which, God willing, will help the Country with its plans for change).

So although the Church calls this "ordinary" ... we'll do the best to be "ordinary" but sometimes life just interrupts!

Prayers for all to have a beautiful "ordinary time" as we head into Lent at the end of February! (And please continue to pray for the sale of our house in Colorado ... and that we joyfully embrace God's will in all things!)

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Leonie said...

Prayers for your house!