Monday, February 02, 2009

Where should we go today?

Well, actually, yesterday! Since LegoManiac was scheduled to serve Mass for the Saturday vigil, we had all day Sunday to play as a family. Poor Kotch had homework, so the three littles, dh and I set off on adventures at about 9:00 a.m.

Our first stop was to our favorite bagel shop than up to the District. The really cool thing about going in so early on Sunday is the parking is easy-schmeasy -- we parked right in front of USDA, a short walk across the Mall to the newly renovated/reopened Smithsonian American History museum. Here's the new Mall-side entrance to the Museum ...
They have a small photographic exhibit within the Civil War hall ... with a classic chair and backdrop to make your very own "original family portrait". Next time we'll come a little more dressed for the era!
The dioramas that have now are really cool. Here, BamBam stands before the "Seige of Yorktown" -- a topic we've been discussing lots lately in our American History work.
Some hands-on exhibits are downstairs (1st floor) ... including the opportunity to try "wind-surfing" (definitely NOT as easy as it looks .... I'm glad I was taking pictures so just couldn't try it myself!).
The Spark Lab has great exhibits that show all kinds of physics principals and ....

the power of static electricity -- String Bean had some major hair static and when I went to take something from her hand, got a shock that was well, shocking! Shows that the guy in the white coat had a good plan ... grounding himself on the foam-rubber mat!

I do have to honestly say that I miss the "attic" feel of the old American History Museum ... where you could stand for hours in front of an exhibit and constantly be finding new things. The new look is much more focused, stream-lined and minimalist. The only "tv memorabilia" which used to include Fonz' jacket, MASH ambulance and Archie Bunker's chair ... has been replaced with a few muppets, the ruby slippers and a few other aritfacts but I miss the mish-mash!

Oh, and it looks like they've removed the old post-office on the first floor and the ice cream parlor too! But, for those who had never seen those things ... this is an amazing museum packed with fun things. I really like it and can't wait to spend more time up there!

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