Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Amazingly wonderful read-aloud

Whenever some folks recommend a book for me to read to the kids, I always pre-read or at least find out as much as I can about the book before "exposing" my children to the words.

But, there are a few trusted friends (on- and off-line) who recommend books and I don't have to pre-read; I always know the read is going to be just right for my kids. One of these on-line friends is Melissa Wiley over at Here in the Bonny Glen. Usually if she or her kids like a book -- mine love it. One she recently recommended, that we started Friday is:

This is an amazingly wonderful read-aloud. It's our lunchtime read-aloud which means the older kids are hearing it too. Everyone at the table is loving this book! The story is a pretty standard one of a family of girls who go for 3 weeks to a vacation cottage with their widowed father and a boy that joins them in their summer adventures. Sounds pretty common right?

But the beauty of this book is in the words -- Ms. Birdsall has truly written a book that hits at every child's heart. My kids keep saying things like "that's just what Cousin ... would say" or "I'm so Rosalind", or "hey, Batty is just like String Bean". Her dialogue between the sisters is just like the dialogue we heard between my children minutes before we sat down to lunch. It's so refreshingly natural -- but the kids aren't smart-alecky, sassy or rude. They're good kids! They're mom has died, but their dad is a great and loving dad! There is no "reality" problems like in so many of the books today.

Big Hat Tip to Melissa for this recommendation! This is going to become a family classic here in this house!


Theresa said...

I took Melissa's advice and had my son read the Penderwicks, too. He absolutely loved it! He is already asking where is the sequel! I guess now I need to read it myself!

Rebecca said...

Have not read the Penderwicks, yet. I will have to look into it! Thanks.

Amy said...

We got this last week as an audiobook from the library, and the girls have listened to it at least 4 times through already. They love it too!