Friday, May 19, 2006

The DaVinci Code -- alot of hype over nothing

With the impending release of the DaVinci Code movie today, I was really getting worried about my Church and the blasphemes shrieked at the Church because of the book's popularity and then Sony's no-holds-barred hype for the movie. Sony really pulled out all the stops to publicize this movie -- even chartering a special European train to bring the stars to Cannes for the world premiere (and garnering a Guiness World Record, to boot!)

But I have done a couple of small things to combat this hype:
  1. I've blogged about the Other-cott and will plan on seeing Over the Hedge on Sunday.
  2. I've head Brikhead working on a paper to refute the DVC's message and arm my 17 yos with arguments for the debates to which he'll be privy.
  3. I've been praying and chatting online with many like-minded individuals (particularly at 4Real forums) in order to quell our worries.
Well, last night as I was reading the Catechism for the year-long project, I read this paragraph:

274 "Nothing is more apt to confirm our faith and hope than holding it fixed in our minds that nothing is impossible with God. Once our reason has grasped the idea of God's almighty power, it will easily and without any hesitation admit everything that [the Creed] will afterwards propose for us to believe - even if they be great and marvelous things, far above the ordinary laws of nature."

(excerpt from St. Charles Borromeo's online copy of the text of the Catechism)

This text has eased my fears -- remember, NOTHING is impossible with God. The Hollywood Hype, the publisher's platitudes, the author's arguments -- nothing can beat God or His Church.

In fact, often good things come from really bad:
  • there have been numbers of positive inquiries to Opus Dei for joining this lay movement (that is so slammed in the DVC)
  • Christians around the world are coming together, working together to fight the spread of the DVC's poison

So, I will continue to do my small part of fighting the DVC, but I will no longer fear; in the words of JP the Great,


Alice said...

Absolutely, Mary!

Rebecca said...

Praying that the movie will be a big, huge flop...I probably cannot send the family to the movies for the "othercott" but I sure can pray!