Saturday, March 03, 2007

We got the nicest gift yesterday ....

... in the mail. The envelope was pretty inocuous -- just a 4"x5" envelope with the family name and address across the front. But inside ....

It seems that some dear friends of ours in Raleigh, NC are reading Pope John Paul 2's letter on families for Lent. The mom writes that:
when we read, "...families that trust in God and have opened themselves to the
gift of life in their children; homes where you sense an atmosphere of joy,
enthusiasm, initiatives, simple faith and intense unity" we thought of your
family as an example.
WOW! What a gift to know that we are such a light to these dear friends.

BUT, on top of that gift of compliment, she writes further:

Our family will prays 200 rosaries for your family and intentions this

Double WOW! What a gift these folks are to us -- and we hope they never forget just how much we love and miss them, too!


Leonie said...

What a lovely gift and thought. They must be precious friends - and you are obviously such a joyful example. Have a great day!

Everyday Crochet said...

Wow, a great gift indeed, to know that the light and hope within you is visible to those you meet.